Sue Patrick's Workbox System
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I just wanted to let you know how things were going after we had been using your system for a coup of weeks. 

We really love it!  It is a deceptively simple idea, but it has made a huge difference in our lives.

The first day, we accomplished more work in a day than we ever had before.  Also, it helps when we get sidetracked.  We can easily see where we left off and can finish all we set out to do.

-J.B. Home School Mom of 2


The decision to begin homeschooling was overwhelming enough.  Then the question was how can I make this work?  How can we be more structured in our school?  Sue's workbox system helped to answer those questions.

I never realized how visual my kids were until we started using the boxes.  They can actually see what their school day "looks like" before they actually begin working.  They are always happy to get to the "last Box."  They don't have to wonder "What other school will I be doing today?"

Not only can I use the workboxes for academics, but also for life skills, such as addressing fine motoro issues (shoe tying, cutting, grasping, etc), motor planning issues, just to name a few.

The system also helps me organize our school days.  I know how many boxes there are per day and can easily plan ahead by deciding what I will need to put int he boxes for the next day.  I do this in advance so I'm not scrambling to get school ready.

I have tried homeschooling without the boxes a couple of times and just ended up with unproductive school days and frustrated children.  I cannot imagine educating our children any other way.

J.M., Home School Mom of 2



Whenever I tell people about the system, I tell them I started using it for Colin, my son with autism, but I have found it to be so helpful for all my kids.  I love the independence it is developing in Colin and the responsibility it is developing in my other 7 year old.

He knows that when his boxes are done, school is done.  It gives him some control over his school day.  It has been really great for my 4 year old and 2 year old.  The boxes the younger kids do are more “play” oriented but the beauty of the system is I control what does in the box so I know what they are doing the whole time.  It allows me the freedom to work 1 on 1 with the older kids knowing that the younger kids are occupied with something constructive.

Since we are a relatively large family with very scattered levels of skills in all areas, we needed something that had both structure and flexibility.  The box system provides us with both and it adds a level of accountability.  I can see what gets done and what is left to do at the end of our school day..I usually just move those leftover boxes to the top of the list for the next day.

I have been so pleased with the progress I see in all 4 kids, especially with Colin.  He has always struggled with independent work and can easily be overwhelmed by how much he has to do in a day.  Using a schedule and the 12 boxes, we can let him see clearly when things start, stop and when he is done for the day.  It is a nice way for me to manage the flow of his day, to have easy things follow hard, to have fun things follow challenging things and to have 1 on 1 time follow his independent boxes.  It makes it easier to figure out what I want him to work on and fit it into manageable pieces for him.

I can build in the repetition he needs by presenting the ideas in several different ways over the course of that day’s boxes—this is ideal so that neither of us is “burned out” by working on something too long at any one time.

--A.O., Home School Mom of 4

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