Sue Patrick's Workbox System
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Consulting Services

Services and Fees

This service option is for home, personalized consulting.  You may wish to consider purchasing my new "User's Guide Package" with included email consulting, as there is often a waiting list for personalized consulting.  You may order this book and package by clicking on the menu item to the left of this page.

Personalized Consulting

I will walk you through a personalized, step-by-step classroom setup that optimizes your space for my Workbox System. Whether you teach at the kitchen table, on the couch, or have a dedicated classroom, you can minimize your child’s distractions and increase their learning potential.  You will also learn how to make your classroom mobile if you find yourself traveling.  I can show you how to take it with you in a camper, Grandma’s house or a condo vacation setting.  Your effort in this transformation will be minimal while the benefits will be great.

 Many people ask me what the difference is between this service and the $100 add-on when purchasing the book.  The difference in my two types of consulting are that with the $100, you ask questions, all you want for 3 months and I simply answer them in email.  They can cover anything: curriculum, behavior, schedules, or any issues you are having.  The second type of consulting is for asking all the questions, and I will provide answers with electronic materials at times as well.  This is good for people who have a hard time translating my ideas into materials.  For example when someone needs help making up schedules, or changing curriculum they can scan the curriculum and send it to me and I can make suggested changes for them (in a real file).  So the difference is instructions vs. actual examples.

Personalized Consulting for One Child $400

Personalized Consulting for an Additional Child $275

After making payment, please click on the "Consulting Information Page" to fill out the form and submit to me.  I will need this information as a next step.

After filling out an extensive information form on your school, teaching style, child, curriculum and needs, I will be able to advise you on your current curriculum as far as beneficial add-ons, compliments and accommodations to make the curriculum more successful with your child.  I can also make recommendations for future or additional curriculum.


Consulting is where my heart truly lies.  When I began learning about my son’s diagnosis and trying to decipher how to work with him and ultimately home school him, I desperately sought out help that I never could find.  I wanted someone to come to my home and help me get started.  But I was not interested in “therapy.”  I wanted a total learning package in which I could teach everything at home—myself.  I was under such stress and duress, I didn’t want to have to think and learn all that I needed.  Because of that, I really enjoy helping others in that same position.  I now have over 10 years of experience in helping a wide range of families, including those with disabilities.  I have been able to see what works in many situations and discern the dynamics and needs of different disabilities.  Together we will problem solve for your child’s success.

I can teach you more exciting ways to teach your child.  You will be able to add fun and added interest to their existing curriculum and  school day.  I will also show you how to bring all your children together without fancy multi-level unit studies.  All this can be achieved with minimal effort on your part, once you know the system.

You will be able to consult with me via email on an unlimited basis for six months.  In that time you will learn the Specialized and Structured Teaching SystemSM   and also learn to problem solve for issues and behaviors you may not have recognized or known you could change.  You will begin to develop your own program that caters to your family based on the Specialized and Structured Teaching SystemSM .