Sue Patrick's Workbox System
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Benefits of Sue Patrick's Workbox System

The benefits of this Specialized and Structured TeachingSM will be realized from the first day.  Most home schoolers marvel at the positive changes in their school day immediately.  While this system is so simple to implement, and simple to set up for school each day, the structure creates a perfect learning environment for both individual students, and the entire home school family.

Everyone in your home school will always know what is expected of them, how much work there is to be done, and when their work is completed.  Interruptions are much easier to deal with.  Whenever anyone stops, it is immediately evident where they are and what they should be doing in their school day.  The same is true for you, as the teacher, setting up school and teaching throughout the day.  Interruptions and distractions will no longer be the problem they once were.

I will guide you through providing the right presentation of your students’ workload, as well as how to make your school day flow to help you and your children to work together as a group—with sub-groups—as well as everyone independently.  Your school day can end happy and with a feeling of great accomplishment.