Sue Patrick's Workbox System
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Q:  I could use a few more examples of how to use the non-verbal cards: quiet, wait, I'm ready to work. I LOVE the idea of quieting our time, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around these well. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks.

A:  Because I feel many of us have a tendancy to talk way too much during homeschooling and all this talking is creating a non-productive atmosphere, I developed these visual cues to address non-necessary talking as well as being able to work on "behavior issues of the week."  Some of our children have personalities such that when we ask them to either do something or stop doing something, they feel that is simply the start of a negotiation or a counter-explanation.  The minute we talk, suddenly there are twice as many people talking and that defeats the purpose. 

 I find that using visual cues address the issue or concern without allowing arguing.  The card is just a fact.  So children needing a stronger cue may have the "quiet, please" card displayed right in front of them as they work.  If you find they are still talking too much, you may have one with you (in your pocket) and all you need to do is make eye contact with the child and hold it up.  The same is true with about any visual cue card you may need.  I have just provided a few as example.  Children can develop some bad habits during school and this is a quiet, sometimes more positive way to address them that usually works.

The "I'm ready to work" card can be used a couple different ways.  Some children can get lost moving from desk to center and back to desk again.  You can place the card on their schedule strip and they carry it to the center where there is another card with velcro on the front to match his card to--that gets him to the center without getting lost or daudling.  Then when he is finished with the center, he takes the card back to his desk and velcroes it in place there--making sure he didn't get lost returning to his desk.  It could also be used to start their day.

These are just some examples, but there are more ways to use these cards to address behaviors.


Q:  Where do I purchase the cart?

 A:  I'm afraid almost everyone has stopped selling the cart I like.  Someone recently forwarded to me a site that still sells it:




Product Image

 I would like more information on what you are offering please.  I am afraid I don't see enough to know if I am interested or not.

What I have to offer is a book, consulting and homeschool supplies which support a system I developed for homeschooling.  Everything in the “Starter Kit” is available for free download when you buy the book.  The starter kit is part of the physical structure involved in my homeschool system.  The kit is available because many moms want everything printed, laminated and all Velcro applied so that they can get started right away without doing any of this work.   With my system you may use any curriculum you currently use.  The basis for my system is to provide both physical structure (a very visual way of presenting their work) as well as a very structured way of presenting the whole school day. People who start my system from the beginning tell me they can’t imagine doing school any other way, and the people who start it  years into their homeschooling tell me they wish they had it from the beginning.  My system simply makes homeschooling easier by creating structure (both physical and chronological) and by making it easier for you to organize curriculum and how it is presented and even by making each day easier to set up.  This system allows you to get more schooling done in far less time, and it is especially helpful in creating independence and keeping them independent.  So many homeschooled children can become addicted to Mom sitting there with them even when they don’t need the help. I also teach you how to present their work to them in smaller, easier chunks which will help keep behavioral problems and learning struggles at a minimum.  My system for integrating a lot of review, fun, and hand-on materials will also help with attention spans, behavioral issues and learning retention.    

If I purchase your book on Amazon, will I still have access to your website printables and downloads?

A: Yes!  You may purchase on Amazon, Currclick, This Old Schoolhouse Store as well as my website, including the Ebook.  You will always be able to register your purchase and have access to the downloads.

Only original purchasers will have access to the downloads.  A used book will most likely have been registered.