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Interactive Periodic Table of Elements Poster
This is a very visually attractive and very interactive Periodic Table of Elements poster.  I have chosen a picture to represent each element as an interactive manipulative, plus a 13 page, bound teacher guide to explain each picture to your child as you introduce them to the element.  This guide gives a little information on each element and further explains why I have chosen the pictures I have.

The poster and the manipulatives are laminated as well as all velcro has been applied.  There are still opportunities to further add manipulatives to this poster as you need. 

While most people will use this for high school, it will work beautifully to introduce the elements to all your children, giving the young ones a step up.  It will be very easy for everyone to memorize and understand with this interactive poster.
Item #P20A

Price $35.00 

If you are uncomfortable with on-line payment, please feel free to call me at 919-649-2860 during regular business hours (East Coast time) and I will process your payment over the phone.